Calculate Distance on a Map Using a Scale

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We all know how to read a map, but do we? This video instructs your learners the correct way to understand the scale on the bottom of the map. Find out how far the school is when the map shows it is five inches away. The video emphasizes how to find scale factor and why it is important, even though we don't see it on the map. Check out the other two videos in this series of three for more practice with scale. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Applies to a real-life context when using maps
  • Reviews ratios and proportions and how to find the scale factor

  • The problems are solved by using the multiplicative relationship between ratios. Resource does not show how to reduce or use cross products
  • One example writes the scale as a ratio without units, make sure your learners understand the importance of units when writing ratios so they are not misled by the ratio
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