Calculate Percent Increase and Decrease in Context

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The main confusion with percent change is with setting up the problem. Show your learners how to use proportions to solve for the percent change and how to organize the information correctly. The lesson uses the scale factor method to find the percent change. The information is shown on a bar graph that demonstrates how the percent increase is added onto the original amount.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the prior four videos in this series for more practice with scale factor if needed.
Classroom Considerations

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  • Shows how the increase is taking a part of the original and gluing it on top 
  • Does the calculations to find the percent increase

  • Scale factor is given; pause video to allow learners to calculate on their own
  • Answer is solved only by scale factor with no mention of cross product
  • Does not address the question on the initial slide
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