Campaign Coverage Map and Campaign Strategy

This Campaign Coverage Map and Campaign Strategy lesson plan also includes:

A candidate's campaigning history can reveal a lot about his or her election strategy. Analyze the way that the 2016 presidential candidates traveled through the United States during their campaigns with an interactive map. High schoolers select the party or candidate of their choice to track through the election season, and monitor the direction of each campaign, both ideologically and geographically.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the map and project ideas as extra credit during an election season
  • Connect the project between social studies and language arts to address standards in each class
Classroom Considerations

  • To access the map, click the provided link and select the tab titled Campaign Coverage 
  • Augment the project options with additional instructions and scaffolding
  • Click on the dots to view a video of that candidate campaigning in that region

  • An engaging way for learners to track the 2016 election
  • Tool is easy to navigate and adapt

  • None