Cell and Cell Structure

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Does anyone remember seeing the movie Fantastic Voyage? This app is reminiscent of that imaginary journey through the human body, but in this case, venture even further into individual cells!

6th - 9th Science 1 Collection 630 Views 289 Downloads NGSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Upon opening the app, find yourself flowing through the a vessel alongside some red blood cells. From here, click on About Cell, and an organizer appears from which you can choose:

  • All About Cells: Select a topic to read about and interact with throughout 12 individual pages
  • Videos: View one of four animated and narrated videos of the inner structure or mitosis for either an animal or a plant cell
  • Interactive Activities: Review material by completing a word search, using flashcards, or taking a quiz

Gentle, almost ethereal, background music can be turned on or off and there is volume control for the narration within the videos and quiz.



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Rating Details
  • Adherence to task

    An outstanding way to review cell structure

  • Worth the money

    It crashed in two different areas, but was still worth the cost

  • Fun factor

    Activities are not flashy or highly stimulating, but they are engaging enough to hold pupils' attention

  • Scaffolding of learning

    No direct instruction included, but fairly intuitive

  • User safety

    No sharing capabilities or third-party ads

  • Control and feedback

    Control sound effects and narration

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

After you have taught cell theory and structure, pairs of students can review information by progressing through All About Cells and Videos features. Then they can review or test themselves through the selection of Interactive Activities to prepare for an exam.

You might also consider using the All About Cells images as visual aids when you introduce the material to the class for the first time. Simply plug your tablet into a projector and follow the programmed progression.

Classroom Considerations
  • Only one person at a time can use the app, or possibly pairs. With that in mind, if you do not have a 1:1 tablet situation, this might need to be reserved for use when individuals finish other in-class assignments ahead of the rest
  • Keep in mind that since graphics and images are all computer-generated, they therefore are not precise in color or proportion
  • A variety of tasks and activities keep learners engaged
  • A tremendous support for middle school Next Generation Science Standards
  • Colorful animated images make the app visually appealing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Some of the images are only vaguely related to concepts or structures described when you tap on them