Chicken Coop Fractions Game

Sometimes, games that involve throwing fresh eggs can get really messy, very quickly. But the only thing to worry about here, is how to get your fraction learners to stop playing. 

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App Overview

This simple game focuses on estimating the decimal equivalent of a fraction or mixed number by placing it within a certain area of accuracy on a number line.

What makes this app engaging, is how this important math skill is presented. Players are given a number line, on which they will move a nest to their estimate for the decimal equivalent of a fraction or expression. The hens on either side of the number line, will then lay an egg which will fly across the number line and land oncorrect answer. If the estimate is close enough, the egg lands safely on the properly placed nest. If the estimate is too far away, the eggs lands, splat, all over the number line. As the for the mess, well, it's a good thing it's an app. 

You can adjust the difficulty of the problems presented by selecting from the different games that are available in the app. Each game is ten questions long. 

Different Games Available 

  • Proper Fractions (Easy or Hard)  
    • Example: 4/10 = ? or 11/12 = ? 
  • Proper Fraction of a Number (Easy or Hard)
    • Example: 3/4 of 4 = ? or 1/10 of 666 = ? 
  • Improper Fraction (Easy or Hard)
    • Example: 20/4 = ? or 15/7 = ? 
  • Improper Fraction of a Number (Hard) 
    • Example: 6/3 of 30 = ? 

Game Settings Available

  • Set timer (on/off) 
  • Time per question (3 to 20 seconds)
  • Accuracy needed (This adjusts the width of the nest.)
    • Within 10% plus or minus
    • Within 7% plus or minus 


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Instructional Ideas

  • Can be used individually or as a whole class 
  • For the whole class, project the game, turn the timer off, and have each pupil write down his/her estimate. Individuals can share their estimate before the chickens fire their egg
  • On the easy settings, challenge your students to get 100% accuracy by putting the nest right in the middle of the correct answer
Classroom Considerations

  • The app has cute accompanying country music which can be turned off. 

  • The different levels and various settings allow for differentiated instruction and learning
  • This app takes a fun approach to an important math skill
  • Free app

  • It would be a nice extension to be able to make the accuracy level (nest width) even smaller, especially for the easy settings