Citation Worksheet

This Citation Worksheet handout & reference also includes:

Tired of receiving papers that have incorrect MLA format? Ensure that your pupils know how to properly format in MLA style by assigning this reference page and practice exercise. Learners create two fake first pages using the information provided. See the materials for a second, related assignment that focuses on paraphrasing, quotations, and proper citation methods.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Integrate these assignments into your first essay of the year, or if students have been struggling with formatting their work correctly
  • On the day they hand in their work, have partners exchange and grade one another's papers using the sample provided or a key you create
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource mentions paragraphs to paste into the first pages that learners can access on the teacher's course website; these are not provided, but could easily be mocked up

  • Comes with a reference page that learners can use throughout the year, an image of the first page of a properly formatted MLA paper, and the activity details

  • The image of a properly formatted first page is very fuzzy; while pupils can get all of the information from this page that they need, you'll likely want to create a new page or find one on the Internet to print out instead