Citizenship and the 14th Amendment: Does it Need Revision?

This Citizenship and the 14th Amendment: Does it Need Revision? lesson plan also includes:

Immigration and citizenship is a hot topic in today's society. Engage in a spirited and educated debate with your class on these topics through an essential question: Does the Fourteenth Amendment need revision? Your critical thinkers will review key arguments in US history by reading opinions in primary source materials and listening to the ideas of their classmates, and then formulate their own informed opinion on the matter through both discussion and a final writing assessment.


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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Clear time frames and instruction in lesson outline
  • References a variety of opinions on the issue of birthright citizenship
  • Sample student research paper included
  • Class is given the opportunity to present positions in front of the room based on research and readings
  • Some broken links to sources
  • Will need to front-load information on how citizenship is attained in the US and the naturalization process