Civic Responsibility

Extra extra, read all about record levels of civic duty and social responsibility! Here is a handout featuring USA Today news articles on recent surging volunteer rates, such as among college freshmen, celebrity activists, or in the Peace Corps. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Administer each section of the handout to groups of students as part of a jigsaw reading. Then, brainstorm what was read, and discuss the theme and implications of the resource as a whole group
  • Assign an individual or group community service project, and then as an assessment, have learners write an article in the style of this document explaining what their efforts were

  • Variety of articles discussing youth efforts and civic duty
  • Well-written articles, with charts and photographs to support the text
  • Includes section of letters to the newspaper by voters ages 18-29, sharing their thoughts on today's election process

  • None