Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

This Civil Liberties and Civil Rights unit also includes:

Know your rights! A social studies resource features lecture notes and review questions that focus on rights guaranteed to American citizens by Constitutional amendments. Additionally, it connects modern-day issues and court cases to the amendments and explains the ways the amendments are truly living documents.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the lecture notes as the main ideas and supporting details of your own instruction
  • Hand out the packet as a review for an upcoming midterm or final
  • Allow learners to choose one topic about which to research and write in more depth
  • Assign one amendment from the Bill of Rights to ten different groups, and have them design a poster and presentation about the rights their amendment offers its citizens
Classroom Considerations

  • References some topics that may be controversial for class discussion, including gay marriage and abortion rights
  • Each section includes a few pages of lecture notes, a page of free response questions, and a few pages of multiple choice questions; consider omitting the lecture notes when distributing the resource, as learners can reference their own notes and textbooks

  • Applies historical and modern court cases to each amendment to reinforce its relevance and importance throughout American history
  • Covers multiple rights represented by the Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment, including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the rights of criminal suspects
  • Delineates the differences between nuanced concepts in the Constitution and explains what specific rights are guaranteed, as well as what rights are not

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