Civil War 150

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This Civil War Interactive has it all. Young historians have the Civil War at their fingertips to discover: who the soldiers were including everything to their average height to the rations they were given; the types of weapons that were used from railroads and telegraphs to field guns and rifles; how soldiers died from amputations to diseases; where the five deadliest battles took place including the number of casualties, the dates they occurred, and other relevant data; cost of the war and the comparisons of currency and costs; and a page about the West Point Warriors that fought against each other in battle.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign groups a different topic to report on and present the information to their peers
  • Post the link on your website in order for learners to gain access to it outside of class
  • Use in a study of the Civil War or during Black History Month 
  • Have class members put the battles and other events on a timeline
Classroom Considerations

  • Best to demonstrate how to navigate the website before allowing them to do it on their own
  • Reserve time in the computer lab for leaners to explore

  • Colorful, interactive, and informative which makes it engaging for all learners
  • The opportunities are endless in creating education assignments around the interactive

  • Takes a while to load