Civil War Trust Animated Map: Bentonville

What happens to a battlefield once the battle is over? The Civil War Trust is dedicated to the preservation of historical battlefields from the Civil War, such as the one in Bentonville, North Carolina. Explore the process of keeping a battlefield intact with a short explanatory video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video during a class discussion or debate on the merits of Civil War battlefield and monument preservation
  • If your school is close to a Civil War battlefield, organize a field trip for learners to attend and write poetry, narratives, or observations about the site
  • Have class members write a letter or journal entry from the perspective of a Bentonville resident whose town has turned to a battlefield and refuge for wounded soldiers
Classroom Considerations

  • Provides only a very brief synopsis of Bentonville's role in the Civil War; most of the video focuses on the battleground's preservation
  • The final video in a series of animated maps on the battles of the Civil War

  • Discusses important details of the preservation of the Bentonville battlefield

  • Production quality is low compared to others in the playlist
  • Does not include audio narration