Classroom Challenges and Activities for Teaching Spanish Heritage Students

Designed for native speakers of Spanish, and written almost entirely in Spanish, this resource begins with explanation of native speakers and strategies that you can use to teach them. After the introductory section, is a collection of worksheets and activities designed to help learners with Spanish reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The worksheets cover several topics, such as la muralla de Ávila, poetry, and descriptive writing. The resource closes with a list of relevant children's literature written in Spanish, categorized by theme, and a final writing assignment with a related gallery walk.

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  • Includes a variety of different worksheets that can be used as is or serve as models for original activities as well as a comprehensive list of children's literature written in Spanish
  • Worksheets require partner work, critical thinking, writing, and reading
  • Materials are adaptable for many ages and grades

  • Some of the links no longer function; however, you will most likely be able to find other copies of the materials with a basic Internet search
  • Not all of the activities and handouts go together, so you might need to take some time to really examine everything that is here
  • There are no answer sheets or keys