Lesson Plan

Cold War

Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War—the United States or the Soviet Union? Your young historians will answer a question by looking closely at Cold War documents, which are provided in this resource alongside guiding questions and a PowerPoint presentation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider setting the primary source documents around the room in the form of learning stations for larger classes and a more mobile activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Brief presentation only consists of images to supplement process of analyzing primary source documents
  • Excellent resource for primary source analysis
  • Primary documents include excerpts from the Iron Curtain Speech, the Truman Doctrine, and telegram from a Soviet ambassador 
  • Includes timeline of early Cold War events, beginning with the Yalta conference and up to Mao Zedong's takeover of communist China and the explosion of the atomic bomb
  • None