Commit to Composting

Knowing the meaning of the key vocabulary words compost, decomposing, fungi, microorganisms, nutrients, and ecosystems are essential to understanding composting. Young ecologists are divided into six expert groups, assigned one of the terms, and craft a definition. Experts are then reassigned to collaborative groups and create and display an infographic that synthesizes all the information.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If your school has a composting plan, arrange to have the person in charge speak with the class and then visit the site
  • If your school does not currently have a composting program, have the class develop a plan and present it to the principal using the posters as evidence of their knowledge
  • Arrange with a second-grade teacher for class members to present their posters
Classroom Considerations
  • The "Dirt on Decomposers" video is part of the Crash Course Kids series 
  • The narrator of the video speaks very rapidly; consider pausing the video frequently and checking for understanding
  • Includes ways to differentiate instruction and extend the learning experience 
  • None