Comparative Systems Worksheet

This Comparative Systems Worksheet graphic organizer also includes:

Here is an excellent worksheet for analyzing economic systems and comparing those that exist today in such countries as the United States, China, and Cuba. Learners begin by hypothesizing which economic system would provide for greater industrialization and available resources. Then, after researching information using the CIA World Factbook, they re-evaluate their initial hypothesis.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • As an extension activity, have learners research other countries for the same information listed in the graphic organizer, and then compare and contrast
  • Have learners work with a partner to complete the worksheet, first having them compare their responses to questions #1-4, then completing the research and analysis questions together

  • Detailed graphic organizer prompts learners to research and compare such data as types of natural resources, life expectancy, literacy rate, GDP, and communications
  • Follow-up questions enourage thoughtful analysis of data

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