Compare and Convert Customary Units of Weight

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Using the customary units for weight (ounces, pounds, and tones), this video shows how to convert between the two. After reviewing the basic idea of what an ounce, pound, and ton is, the video shows two examples using conversion charts: pounds to ounces and ounces to pounds. The presenter also explains a common misunderstanding where people think 16 ounces is larger than 1 pound because the number is bigger. This is the second of five videos on knowing the relative sizes of measurement units.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Review of academic vocabulary words conversion and weight
  • Discussion of how to use multiple strategies to solve a single conversion problem, including a conversion chart, division, and multiplication
  • Helpful visuals demonstrate relative weight of units, such as comparing an ounce to a piece of toast, that will help the class better understand the concept

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