Comparing Volumes of Cereal Boxes

This Comparing Volumes of Cereal Boxes activity & project also includes:

Explore the deceptive world of food packaging with this fun math activity. Using prior knowledge about measuring the volume of three-dimensional figures, young mathematicians determine the difference between the volume of cereal boxes and that of the cereal they actually hold. As extra credit, students can redesign the boxes and write letters to cereal companies urging them to alter their packaging. Extend the activity even further by measuring the surface area of the cereal boxes, using it to calculate the amount of money that can be saved by reducing their size. An excellent activity to include in a geometry unit in upper-elementary and middle school classes.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Presents a real-life context for applying knowledge about measurement and volume
  • Provides a clear list of directions for completing the math project
  • Includes a rubric for assessing student work

  • Scaffolding is required to support all learners with taking measurements and calculating volume
  • Requires that each student has access to two unopened cereal boxes