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Access documents housed in the Library of Congress for free. Examine key legislation that still impacts our lives today. Learn how to identify primary source materials and how to analyze them. History and civics buffs will find hours of enjoyment exploring the pathways and links found in a resource designed to introduce viewers to the Library of Congress.

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App Overview

What's Included:

  • The five menu options are listed on the right side of the home screen
  • Users can access congressional videos, explore primary sources, look at photos from a gallery, listen to experts in a given field, or respond to Think About It questions
  • The blue About/Credits icon, located on the bottom-right side of the home screen, provides information about the purpose for the app, and about the developers of the application

Getting Started:

  1. Tap the Congressional Moments Videos and select one of the six options: Child Labor, Civil Rights, Securities and Exchange Commission, The National Park Service, The Marshall Plan, or Women's Suffrage
  2. Tap View Citations & Transcripts, located at the bottom-left corner of the screen, to view documentation and read complete transcripts of the videos
  3. Explore Primary Sources defines the differences between primary and secondary source documents and then asks users to label a series of documents as primary or secondary source materials
  4. The Primary Sources Gallery contains images for each of the six topics
  5. Image categories include photos, notes, posters, letters, political cartoons, articles, editorials, and court records
  6. Hear From Experts includes two videos: Ben Weber talks about how to analyze primary source materials and Sue Blanchette models how to determine the validity of primary sources
  7. Think About It offers viewers a chance to practice what they have learned


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Instructional Ideas

  • Use at the beginning of the school year to introduce class members to primary and secondary sources and how to approach these historical documents
  • Use the six topics as the basis for initial, guided practice excercises for group research projects
Classroom Considerations

  • Particularly appropriate for American history and government classes
  • Can be used for whole class, small group, or individual viewing

  • Links to teacher's guides and analysis tool provided
  • Additional questions on congressional moments and primary sources provided
  • Online guides provided for a variety of Library of Congress primary source collections

  • Some of the primary source documents are difficult to read