Control and Responsibility

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Teenagers often feel frustrated by the lack of control in their own lives. Help them see the difference between situations in which they do have control and can claim responsibility, and the situations that they cannot control, with a set of scripts and discussion questions for everyday events.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a peer counseling class or extracurricular group
  • Bring to a small class to encourage team building and peer communication
  • Divide a larger class into small groups and assign a script to each one, prompting them to discuss what they would do in each situation
Classroom Considerations

  • The first seven pages include teacher prompts and instruction, while the last ten pages provide learner versions of the scripts and discussion points

  • Promotes important skills that lead to trust and cohesion between the learners in your class
  • A good way to teach the connection between responsibility for your own actions and self-control

  • None