Convert Between Radians and Degrees

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Flipping between angle measures in degrees and radians is an arithmetic skill expected of higher-level mathematicians. This approachable presentation breaks down both directions of conversion in a step-by-step manner, including multiple worked examples. Common mistakes are also detailed with their accompanying error in reasoning explained and note slides to match the video presentation are provided. A great introduction, refresher, or self-study resource for the upper-level geometer.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Assigning this video as viewing homework in a flipped model classroom would allow for conversion practice in class
  • Providing examples of actual pie sectors with angle measures for converting makes a tangible and delicious example set
  • For an easy extension, create radian-degree pairs and randomly assign learners one value. They would then race to find their partner
Classroom Considerations

  • Individual slides available under additional materials for printing as note pages
  • Video is embedded within Adobe Flash, if that player needs updating or Internet access prior to class viewing
  • Viewing this lesson requires creation of a free LearnZillion account

  • Clear explanation with common pitfalls detailed
  • Multiple examples provided for both kinds of conversions
  • Pleasant narrator is easy to understand

  • No independent practice examples provided
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