Convert Measurements to Solve Volume Problems

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The second of five videos on solving word problems involving measurement data conversion focuses on converting a larger unit to a smaller unit in a real-life word problem. A review of milliliters versus liters starts the discussion, followed by a reminder of how to understand remainders. The core lesson clearly deconstructs the steps for solving a word problem.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Word problems are kid-centric; learners will be able to relate to the situations being explored
  • The video demonstrates how to write a complete answer, including both the answer and the thought process used to get there

  • The review of the difference between liters and milliliters is brief and does not break down the definition of milliliter to assist learners in understanding how it relates to a full liter
  • The review portion of understanding a remainder is well done; however, the review poses a problem unrelated to volume to explain remainder, so does not feel appropriate for this particular lesson
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