Convert Units for Free - #1 Unit Conversion App

Quick, how many miles in a light-year? Or, how many light-years in a mile? Or, what is the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Japanese yen? If you need to do a quick conversion between units, then this app maybe just the one for you or your classroom.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

The Convert Units app is a conversion calculator. The interface is clean and intuitive. One nice feature is the ability to set an amount and a unit and then quickly scroll through the conversions. For example, you can input 50 miles, and then just scroll through the conversions from angstroms and microns to light-years and parsecs, and everything in between. Input can be positive or negative integers or decimal numbers.

Conversion Categories:

  • Angle (degrees, g, rad)
  • Area (sq ft, sq yd, sq mi, sq mm, sq cm, sq m, sq km, ac, ha)
  • Numerous currencies with live updated currency exchange rates
  • Data (bit, B, KB, M, GB, TB)
  • Energy (BTU, ft lb, erg, kW-h, W-h, kg-cal, cal, kg-m, n-m, J)
  • Force (N, dyn, kg, lb, pdl)
  • Length (A, m, mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mi, nmi, AU, ly, pc)
  • Mass (oz, lb, S/T, L/T, mg, g, kg, st)
  • Power (BTUS/min, ft-lb/s, ft-lb/min, hp, w, kw)
  • Pressure (psi, pft, at, bars, inHg, cmHg, kg.m/m2, pa, inAq)
  • Speed (ft/s, ft/min, mpmin, mph, m/s, km/min, km/h, kn)
  • Temperature (F, C, K, R)
  • Time (ms, s, min, h, d, wk, y)
  • Volume (gal(US), gal(Imperial), L, ml, tbsp, tsp, fl oz, cu yd, cu ft, cu in, cu cm, cu m, dram, pints(US), pints(Imperial), cup, qt)
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Instructional Ideas
  • This would be a very useful app to have available in any science classroom
  • The app could be used to help learners gain an intuitive feeling for how different units compare. For instance, how big is a light-year or how do an ounce and gram compare?
  • Conversions in length can lead to some very small or very large numbers and may make an interesting review or learning opportunity of scientific notation
Classroom Considerations

The app is still useable without the in-app purchase (.99) to remove the ads. The adds take up only a small amount of the screen and change quickly. This means that they may not be an issue if you use this app as a quick-reference tool. If, however, you are using it for longer blocks of time, or your students are easily distracted, it might be worthwhile to do the in-app purchase. 

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