Country Solutions Step 3: Who You Gonna Call?

This Country Solutions Step 3: Who You Gonna Call? lesson plan also includes:

When a problem arises, who is the best for addressing it: an individual, a group, or the government? Given a hypothetical scenario of a science teacher needing more money for her class than the school has to offer, your class members will work together to determine the most effective action to take, as well as consider the merits and drawbacks of group and government action.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign class members to a particular type (individual, group, government) of action, and have them identify examples in their community of problems that were addressed by those groups. Then, have class members get into groups of different action types to discuss the differences behind the problems they identified and how they were addressed
  • Includes graphic organizer and answer key for cloze-notes activity
  • Worksheets offer additional scenarios to help learners practice considering individual and government action
  • None