When an emergency arises, it is always good to be prepared. With a simple, yet effective, refresher on some key CPR and Heimlich techniques, you might just find this app to be a real life-saver.

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App Overview

While not a substitute for an actual CPR certification course, get a quick refresher with short videos on the basics of performing CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver on:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Infants


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Instructional Ideas

  • Refresher or study guide for CPR certification
  • Demonstrate different techniques based on age of person receiving treatment
Classroom Considerations

  • Not a substitute for CPR certification class
  • Videos are short 
  • Not interactive

  • Free
  • Videos easy and quick to view 
  • Simple design

  • No interactive components
  • No quiz or other features to complement videos