Create Equivalent Fractions by Modeling with Pattern Blocks

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The familiarity young learners have with pattern blocks make them a great tool for exploring the concept of equivalent fractions. Using the hexagon as one whole, the first video in this series goes on to explain the fractions represented by the trapezoid, rhombus, and triangle pieces. These shapes are then used to create different equivalent fractions. Engage learners by passing out pattern blocks and allowing them to follow along with the instructor's examples. Extend the lesson by asking young mathematicians if they can create any other equivalent fractions not mentioned in the video. A fun resource to include in a introductory lesson on equivalent fractions.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Learners are supported with a brief review of fractions and the term equivalent
  • Describes a common mistake to avoid when using pattern blocks to create equivalent fractions
  • Instructional video is also available as a downloadable slide show

  • The video actually ends at four minutes and thirty seconds; the last minute is dead air time
  • Guided Practice problem is identical to an example presented in the instructional video
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