Create Your Own Samurai Military Identity

This Create Your Own Samurai Military Identity lesson plan also includes:

This banner tells you who I am. Individuals create their own samurai military-style banner as part of a study of Japanese military and cultural history. Complete directions and templates for the banner are included, as is a link to information on Zen Buddhism.

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Classroom Considerations
  • The activity assumes that participants have some knowledge of Japanese culture, the samurai tradition, the Bushido Code, and Zen Buddhism
  • Clips from such films as Kurosawa's Seven Samurai or Rashomon or Edward Zwick's The Last Samurai contain images of military banners and crests (mon)
  • A great way to engage learners in self-expression and introduce symbolism
  • Little background information on samurai tradition or the history of and purposed of the banner is provided
  • No images of actual banners are included