Creation of Israel

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The State of Israel in was created in 1948 and has been the site of conflicts ever since. Provide learners with the background information they need to better understand these conflicts with a presentation that traces the history of the area from the Ottoman Empire to the present.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide viewers with a copy of the cloze notes worksheet to complete as they watch the PowerPoint
  • Provide pupils with maps of the area and have them drawn in the current political boundaries
  • Use the presentation to launch an investigation of the creation of the State of Israel
  • After watching the presentation, create a KWL chart and then assign groups to the topics the class wants to learn more about
Classroom Considerations
  • The first three slides and the last two are designed for instructors
  • Traces the history of the area from 1299 to the present
  • Presumes class members have studied World Wars I and II and the Holocaust
  • Includes maps that show the changing political boundaries over the centuries
  • Includes a slide that is an answer key for the quiz
  • None