Criteria for Triangle Congruence

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This is an excellent lesson plan for exploring the criteria for triangle congruence and teaching to the Common Core. After a review of the definition of congruent triangles, students work in small groups to rotate through six stations. At each station, they are given three measurements and must determine if the measurements will always produce congruent triangles. Geometers use paper and pencils, patty paper, rulers, and protractors to conduct their investigations. They note their findings on a recording sheet and make conjectures about their results. The activity should give learners a good understanding of SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS, as well as discounting AAA and SSA as criteria for triangle congruence. Depending on the length of class periods, the lesson may require more than one day to complete.

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  • Includes a good introductory activity to the lesson
  • Lesson is hands-on and involves students in their own learning
  • Includes good lesson closure notes that provide transition to future lessons
  • Designed for Common Core math standards
  • Does not include homework or practice problems to reinforce concept
  • Teacher must do some prep work to prepare materials and set up stations
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