D Is for Dreams

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Dreams can be mysterious, but they can also be a great start to a creative writing piece. Invite your pupils to use their nighttime or daytime dreams as inspiration for writing. After brainstorming and sharing with small groups, class members share their final products.

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Instructional Ideas

  • To prepare for this exercise, have kids keep dream journals for a few days; when they wake up, they can jot down a few key points they remember about their dreams
  • Add this into a creative writing unit or a unit based around a book that has a dream scene in it
Classroom Considerations

  • Since some kids may not ever remember their dreams, make sure to point out that they can focus on daydreams as well

  • The exercise requires pupils to share and discuss their ideas with on another, in small groups and with the whole class
  • A graphic organizer for brainstorming is provided, as is a page for writing down a draft

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