Days of the Dead

Become informed about the holiday, El Dia de los Muertos—also known as the Day of the Dead—with an in-depth presentation that explores its worldly history, meaning, traditional decorations, food, clothing, and rituals. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Invite learners to memorize the Aztec poems; reward as you see fit 
  • Bring in decorations and foods such as papel picado or pan de muerte to enjoy before, during, or after the presentation 
  • After learning about the holiday, hold a classroom El Dia de los Muertos celebration honoring pupils' loved ones
Classroom Considerations

  • Preview the vocabulary prior to conducting the presentation for a more accurate pronunciation example 
  • Consider learners' sensitivity to the topic of death; remind them that the holiday is not a sad one, but a happy one

  • Includes real-world context with bright, engaging pictures taken from the author's travel experience 
  • Editable resource allows you to add or delete information 
  • Uses a clear and easy-to-read font

  • None