Determining Perimeter and Area of Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

That shape is so weird, there's no way to find its area! Show your classes that they can use grids and known formulas to find the perimeters and areas of irregular figures. Pairs develop methods to break irregular figures into figures with known area formulas. The pupils determine the necessary lengths to calculate areas or perimeters of the figures on the coordinate plane. The lesson is the ninth in a series of 22.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Confirm that individuals are drawing the necessary lines to create figures with known area formulas
  • Encourage struggling learners to cut apart the figures and find areas of each piece
Classroom Considerations

  • The class should be familiar with composing and decomposing figures

  • Shows multiple methods of finding solutions
  • Uses colors to show auxillary lines

  • None
Common Core