Dharma and Duty

Trying to comprehend the values and beliefs of different cultures can be a challenge, especially when there are no words that adequately translate a concept into English. Dharam is such a word and such a concept. To gain insight into one aspect of Dharam, the Hindu concept of duty, learners read excepts from The Bhagava Gita and examine images of Krishna, Arjuna, and Krishna driving Arjuna's chariot.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

  • Some learners may need additional support to comprehends how violence is represented in the passages
  • Viewers may need additional information to understand the representations in Hindu art

  • All required materials,  including a scripted plan, are included in the resource packet
  • The teacher resource provides great background information on the Krishna stories and additional images

  • The plan would work best if scaffolding is provided so learners see a strong connection to their course of study
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