Diagonals to Quadrilaterals

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Pupils explore the types of quadrilaterals formed by restricting the relationships of the diagonals. The resource presents diagonals that are perpendicular bisectors, bisectors, and congruent perpendicular bisectors. Using the measurements from the interactive and manipulating the quadrilateral, learners determine what kinds of quadrilaterals have these types of diagonals.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Provide a table to have the class members fill in the types of quadrilaterals that have the particular types of diagonals
  • Assign groups to develop proofs for each type of quadrilateral and their respective diagonals' properties
Classroom Considerations

  • Individuals should understand perpendicular, congruence, and bisector

  • Provides a link to a similar interactive and a lesson that uses the resource
  • Includes suggestions for how to use the interactive to explore quadrilaterals

  • None
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