Direct and Reported Speech

This Direct and Reported Speech worksheet also includes:

"Use this resource for teaching your class about direct speech," the reviewer said. The reviewer also said that you can use this for instructing your class on reported, or indirect speech as well. This resource includes a description of how to write and punctuate direct and indirect speech and provides eight exercises with answer keys.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make the grammar review pages into a handout for pupils to keep as a reference page
  • Before assigning the worksheets, have your class members practice direct and indirect speech orally during class
  • Pick and choose exercises based on what your class really needs to learn
Classroom Considerations

  • Note that some of the descriptions in the grammar review are complex and may necessitate clarification and demonstration by the teacher

  • Each exercise focuses on one particular element, and provides pupils with the opportunity to practice
  • Answer keys are included for all exercises

  • None