Discovering the Area Formula for Triangles—Area Formulas

Why give math scholars the area formula for triangles when they can discover it for themselves? The first in a series of four area-related lessons guides your class toward determining how to calculate the area of a triangle. With a mixture of online and group tasks, the activity is a great start for expanding their understanding of area calculations.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After administering the Bermuda Triangle assessment, treat the class to an interesting video that describes the strange history of the location
  • Follow up the lesson with a few of the included discussion questions to extend students' thinking to parallelograms
Classroom Considerations

  • Create groups of three and assign specific tasks to each group member
  • Warm up by having the class measure squares and rectangles to make sure they understand these concepts before proceeding to triangles

  • Lesson does an excellent job of building on prior knowledge to acquire a new skill
  • The teacher's guide contains many options for customizing the activity

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