Do Your Own Thing Guide for Kids

This Do Your Own Thing Guide for Kids activity & project also includes:

Inspire scholars to take action into their own hands with a how-to guide for planning and conducting a service learning project. The guide takes pupils through a detailed planning process to guarantee a successful project idea and implementation. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Plan the first service learning project as a class to familiarize learners with the process
  • Brainstorm project ideas to gain interest and help those in need of a starting point  
  • Revisit the guide frequently throughout the school year to continue giving back to the community 
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires several copies—eight pages—per child or group
  • Younger pupils may need more adult supervision, particularly when the guide is first introduced  

  • Challenges learners to think carefully about and thoroughly plan their project 
  • Encourages positive change at a young age 
  • Fun font and colorful graphics enhance engagement  

  • None