Documentaries Have a Focus and an Angle

The third lesson in a series, this resource narrows in on two aspects of documentary films: focus and angle. After a brief explanation of the terms, class members view a student-made film and identify the topic, focus, and angle. They share with a partner and come together as a class for a full discussion. To close the class, film groups get together to talk about their topics, focuses, and angles.

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CCSS: Designed

  • While lesson procedures are brief, they are clear and easy to understand
  • Since the focus of the lesson is based on only two elements, the material will not be too overwhelming for learners

  • The lesson would be strengthened with opportunities for pupils to write down information; consider creating a note guide to pair with the plan
  • The referenced film is not linked, but can be found easily with an Internet search
  • Does not provide any information about how to form film groups