Domain and Range Warm Up and Exit Ticket

This Domain and Range Warm Up and Exit Ticket assessment also includes:

This single-page worksheet contains both warm-up and exit tickets for an extended lesson on domain and range. The warm-up has two items. The first directs learners to brainstorm with a partner to review prior knowledge of domain and range. The second item presents a graph of a function and asks for the domain and range. The exit ticket has three items, the first of which asks learners to analyze a graph and interpret the domain and range within the context of the problem. The last two items provide an opportunity for them to discuss any difficulties they encountered with the lesson.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Very easy to use, just print and distribute
  • Items are designed to provide excellent feedback for the teacher
  • Warm-up items provide a quick and easy way to assess prior knowledge 

  • Does not include answer key