Dot Plot and Histogram

Reinforce mean, median and mode with a worksheet that focuses on interpreting data on dot plots and histograms. Additionally, the resource addresses standard deviation and the use of intervals when making a histogram.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use as a class assessment or quiz
  • Include in an algebra homework packet for your class to complete individually
  • Prompt learners to come up with their own survey questions, interview their peers, and note the results on their own dot plots and histograms
Classroom Considerations

  • One of the graphs is in color, but printing in black and white shouldn't cause any problems
  • There is a space on the top of the page for learners to indicate their block, but you could have them use the space to write down their period or class number

  • Two-page format of the worksheet would make it a great double-sided assignment
  • Provides enough space for answers and a small amount of work
  • Encourages your class to both interpret and create graphs that represent a set of data

  • None
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