Dr. Seuss Printable Activities

Use Dr. Seuss characters to help youngsters practice colors, shapes, numbers, sequencing, fine motor skills, and even basic addition! Fifty-four pages of printable worksheets offer options for cross-curricular and differentiated assignments that you can do in the classroom or send home as extra practice.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Take a look at pages two and three for ideas on how to implement this in the classroom and as homework
  • Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday using the printable paper crowns kids can color and cut out
Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the Dr. Seuss characters pictured don't look like the pictures kids may be familiar with, such as the Cat in the Hat
  • Directions may be too complicated for emerging readers; if doing in class, consider pairing kids with stronger readers or displaying the worksheet on an interactive whiteboard to explain

  • Anything that needs to be cut out is outlined by a simple dashed line that will make cutting practice easy
  • Answers are included for some worksheets

  • On the worksheet "Same or Different" the middle section directions is the only sentence without ending punctuation