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Does teamwork really make the dream work? And, where is the line between peer pressure and bullying? Social scholars view a clip from the movie Drumline as a part of the seventh lesson in a series of anti-bullying activities. After gaining insight into the concepts of teamwork and accountability, groups discuss peer pressure situations in terms of good and bad.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Take a tip from the Moving to Action tab and assign a project that cannot be completed without everyone's contribution
  • Invite pupils that participate in band, choir, sports, or other group activities to share their experiences with teamwork
Classroom Considerations

  • Ask your class about their experiences with group projects prior to beginning; this discussion will help them begin to make the connections between teamwork and achievement

  • The resource helps students understand that not all social pressures have bad outcomes—and that some are necessary
  • Although written as a complete lesson, the activity lends itself to a variety of extensions 

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