Economic novices, general readers, and even economic experts will find value in a tool that provides videos and articles on everything from compound interest and monetary policy, through banking education and personal finance, to micro and macroeconomics. To compound their interest, users can set a filter to view articles appropriate for their level of understanding. A wise, no risk choice.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. The four squares View All icon returns users to the main screen
  2. Tap the Heads button to Browse Authors
  3. Tap All to see an alphabetical listing of all contributors, their bios, websites, and affiliations
  4. Saved articles can be found by tapping the Star button
  5. The eye icon permits users to filter articles through five levels, from the Most Accessible for beginners and students, through Entry Level for general readers, to Most Technical for economic experts
  6. Once the filter is set, only resources appropriate to that level are presented
  7. The gear icon allows users to set preferences, edit sections, or give feedback

Using the App:

  • Featured Media presents videos appropriate for the filter level set with the eye icon
  • Page One Economics presents articles that provide the back stories for front page stories about economics. Again, the articles are filtered for the complexity previously selected
  • These articles can be saved or shared
  • Swipe through the Economic Synopses to find informative articles that provide an overview of trends and factors that influence the economy
  • Regional Economist provides analysis of national and regional economies
  • Research and analysis is provided in the Review section
  • Newsletter essays and articles about a single topic can be found Inside the Vault
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Instructional Ideas

  • Connect tablet to projection device for whole-class viewing of videos
  • Use as a source for research projects
Classroom Considerations

  • Publisher recommends using EconWise with FRED, another free application from the Federal Reserve
  • Requires Internet connection

  • Materials can be filtered by level of expertise
  • Unbiased content
  • Easy to navigate
  • Variety of sorting options
  • Frequently updated
  • Free




  • None