EdTech Tuesdays: Socrative

What do you think two apps that interact with one another can do for you? Find out in this explanatory video about Socrative. Rich and Jennifer take on the role of student and teacher to show you just how the Socrative apps can increase participation and help a teacher assess formatively and summatively.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Suggest the video to your technology trainer or administrator to show at a staff meeting or training; this app is great for every grade level
  • Share the video with your fellow teachers so that they can decide if they are interested in Socrative
Classroom Considerations

  • See the materials for reviews of both the teacher and student versions of the app
  • Having trouble getting the video to play smoothly? Clicking the blue HD letters in the lower right corner will play the video at a lower resolution and decrease buffering time

  • Jennifer and Rich demonstrate the features of the app to give you an idea of how you'll feel when interacting with the program
  • Includes pros and cons as well as classroom application ideas to help you figure out if this is the right program for engaging your class members

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