Election Reform

Are American citizens benefitting from the current two-party election system, or is the process in need of reform? High schoolers voice their opinions with an election-themed resource that prompts them to assess a hypothetical voting system at their school that would be similar to the primary and caucus system. They then view various video clips and complete worksheets before engaging in a discussion with their peers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the think-pair-share prompt for homework the night before the lesson for a flipped classroom activity
  • Have learners complete the video worksheet in a computer lab, with class tablets, or at home on their own electronic devices
  • Encourage groups to develop their written arguments into formal debate positions
  • Connect the lesson between language arts and social studies
  • Use in preparation for an election season, during an election year, or when the topic of elections appear in the curriculum
Classroom Considerations
  • All auxiliary materials, as well as the lesson plan, are Google documents; download the documents in order to edit or modify them
  • Link to the videos and additional activities page is not available on the lesson plan itself, but can be found in the attached worksheets
  • Provides all necessary worksheets, video clips, and writing prompts
  • Encourages high schoolers to take an active role in the political process by analyzing the current system
  • None