Empathy Games

This Empathy Games activity & project also includes:

Through 23 empathy activities, your scholars will learn what empathy is and understand the situations and experiences that their fellow communities members may face every day.   

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Instructional Ideas

  • Send a letter home to inform families that their child will be learning about empathy and tips on how to reinforce it at home
  • Schedule a day to go through each activity. At the end of the day, as a class, discuss what new insights were gained
  • Assign a reflection essay tapping into your learners' experience and conclusions 
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider your classroom's population and possible sensitivities toward certain topics
  • This series of games were designed to be implemented by an outdoor child's club, The Scouts, who go on overnight excursions. Therefore, some activities will need modifications  

  • Games are clearly explained; each description includes the game's purpose, materials needed, procedure, and in some cases, discussion questions or evaluation  

  • None