End of the Year Project

This End of the Year Project activity & project also includes:

Looking for an engaging and informative end-of-the-year project? This resource will provide your pupils with guidelines for three solid independent research project options: family research, reviewing and illustrating a decade from the twentieth century in the United States, or creating a brochure to represent a place of interest in your home state.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Construct a more detailed and organized rubric for the project so the expectations for presentation, writing, organization, research techiques, and group work are clear
Classroom Considerations

  • This resource was originally designed by an instructor from South Carolina; however, the information can easily be adapted to other states

  • Each project option includes bulleted list of items for students to include
  • Extension/extra credit idea offered for each project type
  • Approachable and interesting project ideas

  • As a PDF, the document cannot be edited; however, you can copy and paste the text to adapt the resource to your own set of project guidelines