Endangered Animal Research

Split up the research so your class can learn about many endangered animals as they each research one and complete this two-page worksheet. Each student or small group chooses an animal and uses online research to find basic facts, habitat information, the current population, the animal's diet, why it is threatened, how it can be saved, and five interesting facts. They use the worksheet to complete a bibliography as well. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Once researchers have completed their worksheets, have them create a visual to display what they learned.
  • Hold an "Endangered Species Awareness" gallery walk
Classroom Considerations

  • This would be best to do with 1:1 Internet access
  • Only print the first two pages —the third is blank

  • For beginner research skills practice, this worksheet breaks down the main points they should be covering in a basic research project

  • There isn't much of a creative or personal spin to this worksheet