Endangered Animals

Explore the realities of endangered species through this two-week unit, starting with an interesting demonstration of the earth's available living space using an apple. Learners go on to become experts on a particular species, then interview one another. They investigate habitats, reflecting on what animals need to live and where they live. Learners consider human impact on the environment as well as the many reasons animals become extinct. Use some or all of the 15 lessons included in this packet. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create overhead or interactive whiteboard projections of the habitat worksheet, as it doesn't have instructions and will be more effective to do as a group
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider giving more of a specific writing prompt at the end of lesson 2, or waiting to assign this until later. Students haven't gotten much information at this point in the unit
  • While learners are studying their endangered species, consider having more information available to them than just the cards here
  • The hands-on nature of these activities will keep kids' attention
  • The culminating lesson encourages learners to take action that makes a difference, creating bumper stickers or buttons with logos
  • The images are not very high quality, but still usable. Consider supplementing with other information and research material