Energy Pioneers

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Which electricity pioneer made the largest contribution to where we are today? Pupils select a scientist or inventor to research and present to the class. From Celcius in 1701 to Ed Hammer in 1976, many scientists contributed to the lifestyle we enjoy today. Scholars gain an understanding of the importance of learning from those who have come before us.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Clearly outline what students may use in their presentation based on what is available in the classroom, i.e. PowerPoint, projector, SmartBoard
  • Review or clearly state the expected citation standard
Classroom Considerations
  • Allow a week for research either out of class or during class, depending on the access to the Internet and other research materials
  • Part of the presentation rubric includes attentive listening to others
  • Organizing the presentation by timeline allows scholars to make connections to the growth in technology
  • Offers a list of scientists as well as sites to find more scientists learners can research
  • None