Entrepreneurs: Milton Hershey

We all know Milton Hershey for his chocolates, but what other contributions to society did he make? Read an adapted article about the life and work of the candy entrepreneur.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use during a biography study of Milton Hershey or on his September 13th birthday
  • Have older readers compare and contrast the word choice and count in two passages of different reading levels
Classroom Considerations

  • The main resource passage is a Lexile® 900 reading level and intended for sixth graders
  • Assign the HTML version of the passage to your class and instruct them to complete the writing prompt, as well as the multiple choice questions

  • Works well in a study of entrepreneurs
  • The passage is available in five additional Lexile® reading levels
  • Includes four multiple choice questions
  • Includes an online version of the passage with additional features

  • None